Purchase Bawls Today:

To Purchase Bawls Directly from SEADS please us paypal "buy now buttons" below. If you would like to arrange for local Pick up or onsite Delivery please contact our office directly. SEADS only accepts Paypal, Cash or Money orders for all shipments. If you have a Credit card we can process it through Paypal only. Deliveries made Tues, Thursday and Saturdays south of I4 and north of Homestead, Fl. North of I4 Deliveries on Fridays only. Pick ups scheduled for Mondays and Wednesdays only. Most orders tack 3 - 5 Business days to process after payment is received. Company Checks accepted but order will not be processed until payment has cleared our bank (3-5 business days).

For Special orders or to arrange Delivery or Pick up of Bawls:

  1. Please contact our office Directly (954) 689-7573 SEADS (ask for The Captain) or (305) 936-9831 (ask for Alex)

  2. Make payment arrangements: Paypal, Money order or Cashiers Check, Cash or Company Checks (3 to 5 Business day processing for Checks)

  3. Schedule Pick up or choose US Mail bulk rate shipment or for larger orders we can offer delivery to your location for a fee.

  4. Once payment is processed SEADS will arrange delivery per your request in 3 - 5 Business days.

    1. Pick up available on small orders, (1 - 10 cases at a time)

    2. Shipping via US Mail Bulk rate about $20.00 per case (up to 3 weeks for delivery),

    3. Delivery of 4 cases within 100 miles about $50.00, 

    4. Orders of 10 cases or more South of Interstate 4 about $120.00

      1. Deliveries North of Interstate 4 $150.00 or more (Depending on location)

    5. Free pick up at SEADS LAN Parties for all Orders...


1 Case $60.00 24 Bottles
+ Shipping
2 Cases $110.00 48 Bottles
+ Shipping
4 Cases $220.00 96 Bottles
+ Shipping or *Delivery *(under 100 Miles)
10 Cases $500.00 240 Bottles
+ Shipping or Delivery

24 pack case
1 Case of Bawls

2 - 24 pack cases
2 Cases of Bawls

4 - 24 pack cases
4 Cases of Bawls

10 - 24 pack cases
10 Cases of Bawls

    Under 100 Miles Delivery can be arranged Florida south of I4 Delivery available



For mixed orders of 2 or more different Cases of Bawls, please use this button:

Mixed Orders of Bawls