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Florida ConQuest is your one stop Anime/SciFi/Comic Convention hosts.

    We can provide you with most all of your back end needs freeing up time for you to track down and invite the most prominent Special guests to your events as well as leaving time to promote and market your event to the general public.

    Florida ConQuest can also promote your event for you as well leaving all of the headaches of entertainment for your guests to us frees you up to focus of making your event the best event in the South Eastern US..


        Services Available:

o       DJ system provided (Basic Equipment only) $100.00 per night (Deposit Required)

         Live DJ $100.00 an hour (Min 3 hours)

         High End system Amp Speakers mixing board, Mic $250.00 per night (Deposit Required)

o       Large Projector $50.00 per hour $150.00 per day Deposit required w/o staff (No support)

o       Small Projector $35.00 per hour $100.00 per day Deposit required w/o staff (No Support)

         Tech available on site $15.00 per hour extra or $150.00 per day W/Projector rental (Expenses may be additional)

o       Catering available (For additional Fees)

o       Karaoke Host Available (Additional fees)

o       Photographer  (Additional fees)

         Green screen available for additional fees

o       Console gaming available through 3rd party vendor

o       Anime / Movie Viewing room Equipment available

         Licensed Anime Room

         Un Licensed Anime room

o       Rocky Horror Picture show cast and projection available

o       Live Singers available (Rock, Country, some R&B

o       Dancers available as are other forms of Live Entertainment

o       Renaissance characters and entertainment available depending on date and location

o       C.H. Productions can also market your event with flyers, Mailers, and signs should this need arise.

New for 2011 SEADS LAN Party is now offering limited Consol Gaming

Thanks to our good friends Jason and Lynn of Chibi-Pa we can now offer a limited number of XBox 360 gaming systems in out LAN rooms. We are also looking into Wii and PS@ or PS3 gaming consoles for the 2011 Convention series...

To Learn more about this feature or possibly bring LAN Gaming and Console gaming under one package to your convention or party.

S.E.A.D.S. Has long offered you some of the best LAN Gaming at local conventions and parties in and around Florida. We have now started to ramp up to begin offering Console gaming in a limited number of events for the 2011 season.

We have access to 10 or more new XBox 360 gaming systems 2 - 4 PS2 consoles an Original Xbox, 2 Will gaming systems, and at present 1 or 2 PS3 gaming consoles. we will be adding more as the season progresses. If you would like to be the first on your block to offer a party with 12 - 14 gaming consoles and 10 - 14 Computer systems for your guests to use please contact us to schedule your next event.

More Console gaming here


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To learn more info about our services or to Contract the use of our services please Contact The Captain
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