Mark 16:15 "...Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature..."

I have seen the Lord, he has asked me to guide you to The Promised land.


The Office

The home

The Accountant, Secretary,Treasurer, PR Dept. etc...

And a few words from some Critics

Read between the lies - Slayer

Evangelist you claim guy speaks through you,
You're restless mouth full of lies gains popularity.
You cannot for the old that suffer,
When empty pockets cry from hunger.

Penniless from their generosity,
Sharing their money to quench your greed.
Searching for the answer to their prayer
They cry their last wish in need
Save me.

His spirit lives in Reason me.
He almighty transform to your screen.
The means a loss in its translation,
No holy words, describe his deception.

You say you'll help us find the Lord,
Tell me preacher how you know?
A simple quest for visible savior,
To lead us to our final prayer.
Save me.

Send your donations,
Contribute to the cause.
Your righteous reward?

Praise the lord, praise God,
Is what you wish to sell.
There's no have then without a hell.

In your mind's eye could you truly believe?
That by giving you can save your soul,
Could you be so Naively?
You heal sick, and race a dead,
You blind at the congregation
With the things you say.

Religious blackmail a deceit of trust,
That death will come and all will be lost.

Can year the serpent's call,
look deep in those deceiving eyes.
Ignore the writing on Wall,
You should read between the lies.
When doubt subsides his honesty
An inquiry? Is it blasphemy?
Impure the soul, That's made to suffer,
No sermons left to hide or cover
An empty promise lies unfulfilled
To steal a dream or get killed.
They claim your trip to have and nearby,
You may believe it, but Satan would lie.

The church bizarre - Sabbat

This stage is set my friend for the play that never ends,
This, comedy we call the church bizarre,
Once you enter you were bound to find
Salvation by the town,
Assured the more you pay they nearer the to God you are.

Your mouth so paralyzed with fear you dare not speak,
Guy so blinded hypnotize you cannot week,
So blinker to to reality that you no longer care,
That profit is the profit of corruption and despair.

Bring on the dancers - bring on the clowns,
We invite you to ride on their merry go Rounds,
They make the money and they make the rules,
You "Born again Christians" are born again fools


God of wealth and God of might guide me to your paradise,
For many lies Rabat unsold and I'm a walking streets of gold,
Though my Irish coal still I rest in peace by pockets filled,
And bear the smile of one who knows
through God's love my cup overflows.

A Salvation salesman's dream gullible to the extreme,
Easy thickens for the charm and 'savoir faire'
of these charlatans and thieves whose
delight is to deceive - all the fools who
still believe there really care.

In the fall the devil minions were let loose to do their will,
I think they'd be hard pressed to match in diabolical Skill,
The wickedness and treachery of this evangelical horde,
Who shelter their corruption with the banner of their lord.

Bring on the dancers -
Bring on the clowns -
Who invite you ride on their merry-go-round
They make the money and they make the rules
The 'Born-again-Christians' are born again fools


God of wealth and God of might guide me to your paradise,
For many lives were bought and sold that I may walk your streets of gold,
Though my heart is cold and still I rest in peace by pockets filled,
And bear the smile of one who knows
Through God's love my cup overflows.

The curtain never falls on the show that has it all, Taken in you can't begin to see their lies, for the people you are clapping are the ones that will be laughing at your fate,
They just can't wait to bleed you dry.

I have come as a light into the world, that whoever Believes in me should not abide in darkness
John 12:46 ...Jesus

With the power of the spoken word and the power of song we shall show you the light (for a small fee) *all major credit cards accepted or you can use pay pal from the internet.

Music and faith are one thing. Religion can be a powerful guide, But lies and misdirection are a very different thing.

People want something to believe in but certain individuals take advantage of a persons needs and desires in order to exploit the individual's generosity.

Religion is one's beliefs and in America ones Constitutional right. Those who manipulate an individuals belief's are not ones salvation only ones decimation.

Souls saved or lost

Created by Captain Howdy for class project March 11, 2002