Presents: Living City - a Forgotten Realms Setting

Hail and well met! My name is Nicolas Ventura. I've brought about the idea of running RPGA official mods in the A.I.R.P.G.A. club and have offered to run a game to see if people like them and and would like for me to continue running official games.

By "official", I mean they will be sanctioned by the RPGA, which is the leader of role playing game systems to date. All players that wish to become full RPGA members will be issued RPGA numbers and how well they do can be tracked by a point system on the RPGA web site. Membership to RPGA costs $5.00 and can be ordered through me or through their web site. Non-members are welcome to play but will accumulate no points, will gain no RPGA ranks and will not have the ability to take their characters or their certs (explained below) to any other living campaign worldwide.

There are set guidelines that PC's must create their characters from, and can (and are encouraged to) do this at home or before the game, however, if help is needed with character creation, I will be more then happy to answer questions or to help put some finishing touches on unfinished characters at our meetings.

Magical items will be in the form of certificates (certs) that people acquire (or fail to acquire *grins evilly*) through the modules and can keep using them with any Living City campaign in the world. It is impossible to purchase magical items (unless allowed in a specific module) however PC's with the ability to craft weapons, armor, items, scrolls and the like may be employed (paid, bribed, or whatever the case) to do so.

Players are encouraged to bring a miniature or some other physical iconic representation of their character. If they do not have one, a substitute will be gladly provided for the session.

I currently have 1 definite player, and I need up to 3 more but no more then 5 more. That is, a max of 6 players and 1 DM and a minimum of 4 players and 1 DM. I'd like for those interested to somehow confirm that they will be attending via a list or if they could drop me a line or talk to me at the meeting on one of the next two Tuesdays. I can't run a table of more then 6 players or less then 4 players and I'd hate to meet and have to send 1 person home or meet and not be able to play due to lack of players. I'll speak about this on Tuesday at the meeting.

A little background on me (yes... you can skip this paragraph if you don't care =)): I am a full member of RPGA and have the rights to run and order scenarios which I order from the site. I have been an RPGA member for over half a year and have been playing since early 2nd edition. I am also a veteran Magic: The Gathering player, but have run out of interest (and money) for that game.

The modules cost me anywhere from $5.00 to $15.00 depending on their list price, length, quality of items given, and how old the module is. The first mod is completely on me, I ordered a dead middle module for $10.00 and if people enjoy themselves and wish for this to be a weekly occurrence, I will ask that each player contribute $3.00 a game ($2.00 for the cheaper modules). This goes towards, ordering, reading, reviewing, printing, organizing, but most of all the cost of the module (as most of these other activities are enjoyable for me). I'd like to make one thing very clear. I am -not- doing this to make money. The idea is to break even and make sure everyone has a good time. If people are against this idea, but still have the desire to play, I will have to limit the modules I order to no more then $5.00 mods which is best I can do independently. I hope for your support in the low costs, but I shall not make it a requirement if it's going to hamper the fun of the game.

The first mod will be run on 10/23/01, that is October 23rd. The time is a little ways off because it takes 2 weeks to get the mods from Wizards. This time will also let me know what my attendance factor will be, see what peoples schedules are like, and see how many people are interested and/or if I will have enough interested people! If I get a positive response, I shall continue to order mods on a regular basis. Weekly or Bi-weekly depending on the players.

The name of the first mod is called: When Chaos Reigns

A word about world settings: We can switch to the Greyhawk setting at the request of the players or mix and match the campaigns, but Living Greyhawk character creation rules are different from Living City, and I've found City to be more entertaining for the players. One cannot use their Living City (LC) characters in Living Greyhawk (LG). This will be discussed later, but the first official game will be Living City.

A word about game flow: Yes, it's a module. Yes... we all have had a bad experience with a module. Be it the infamous Juggling Ogre Inn or the DM scratching his head being even more surprised by the encounters as you are, modules have gotten a swift kick and been discarded by most veteran players. The reason for modules in the Living environment is to create a fairness to all players -- Each player has an equal chance to tackle the same types of situations without the erratic DM freely dispersing that wand of unlimited fireball or the treasure chest that bandit had that just happened to have a Holy Avenger in it. It is RPGA's belief that this is the most fair way of having a global campaign. It is my job, as a DM, to make the game fun for you and for me. I have regulations as to what I can and cannot do, and I want no one to think I am discriminating if I deny a request. I will try and place some flavor into the mods and not have it be like you're playing a text adventure with 2 dimensional color-by-number monsters like Might and Magic. The mods are meant to be played in 4 hour time slots, however there is no official time limit other then how long we can remain in our given room. If you fail a quest, the game can end early, most take 3-4 hours, some mods may take 5 or 6 depending on battles, luck, coincidence, decisions of me and the players, ect. At the end of the scenario a vote will take place. The players vote for each other, and may not vote for themselves, on who was the best overall role-player in the group. That person receives a special award. TBA on the day of the game and at the end of the adventure. It is an RPGA special certificate, that I would explain.. but that wouldn't be any fun.. would it? Just know you are working as a group, but to also express your own character in a way to be the best your class can be. It will be your other players at the table that judge you as well as myself, and you get to rate me as a DM as well. This will all be clairified, if you are lost, on the game day or at the meetings.

House Rules

As if the game didn't have enough rules already! I'm going to offer you more on a silver platter. If you choose not to follow the links below, this is a short run-down on how character creation is accomplished (See FAQ's for more on this subject). No rolling is done to create your initial character, it is on a point system described in the DMG. LC is considered a "High Fantasy" setting and those rules apply.

32 points to spend, 16pts=18, 13pts=17, 10pts=16, 8pts=15, 6pts=14, 5pts=13, 4pts=12, 3pts=11, 2pts=10 1pt=9, and your character starts with 8's across the board. Thus a Half-Orc who spends 16pts on Strength has a strength of 18, and then applies his +2 racial modifier to strength starting him at a 20. That Half-Orc then has 16 more points to spend on his other attributes. An example of an acceptable Score list would be:

  • Typical Human Character (no racial modifiers):
  • Strength: 16 ----------- 10pts
  • Dexterity: 13 ----------- 5pts
  • Constitution: 14 -------- 6pts
  • Intelligence: 14 -------- 6pts
  • Wisdom: 12 ------------- 4pts
  • Charisma: 9 ------------- 1pt

  • Half-Orc Version of Above Character (with racial modifiers):
  • Strength: 18 ----------- 10pts (+2 str)
  • Dexterity: 13 ----------- 5pts
  • Constitution: 14 -------- 6pts
  • Intelligence: 12 -------- 6pts (-2 int)
  • Wisdom: 12 ------------- 4pts
  • Charisma: 7 ------------- 1pt (-2 cha)

    You get full HP for 1st and 2nd levels with your con modifier added, all levels beyond are 75% HP and then con modifier, thus a Fighter with a 16 Con would get 7(base)+3(con) HP for a total of 10HP going into level 3. That Same Level 3 Fighter would have 36HP total.

    Max gold, all skill points and feat rules are the same as standard PHB rules. All gods in the PHB are acceptable.


    Here are some links for your review:

  • http://www.rpga.com - RPGA Website
  • http://www.wizards.com/rpga/lc/main.asp?x=lc/welcome, - General Living City Page
  • http://www.wizards.com/rpga/lc/main.asp?x=lc/chargen_guidelines - Character creation guidelines ** VERY IMPORTANT**
  • http://www.wizards.com/rpga/lc/main.asp?x=lc/story_arc - For those interested in story backgrounds, these are the current story arcs in place.
  • http://www.wizards.com/rpga/main.asp?x=downloads - Living Downloads page

    Please please please approach me with questions and concerns: lightblb@earthlink.net


    For general purposes, here are some FAQ's I might get:

    Q: What books can I use?
    A: Currently the 3rd PHB, DMG, Sword and Fist, and the Forgotten Realms books are allowed. There are certain feats that are restricted and banned which can be viewed on the living city guidelines. Most prestige classes of non-evil alignment have been approved. Check the list for specifics!

    Q: What kind of character sheet is good?
    A: Players are encouraged to print out their own character sheet and log sheet. Here is a link to both of those in a .zip format http://www.wizards.com/rpga/downloads/LCChGn_3e1.zip

    Q: Can I be evil?
    A: Living campaigns are designed for PC's to be non-evil heros. True Neutral is the lowest Alignment acceptable in LC, Chaotic Neutral and all the evil alignments are banned.

    Q: What races can I be?
    A: Human, 1/2 Elf, Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Halfling, Half-Orc. Non-human races can have a starting ability score of 20 (with the appropriate racial modifiers) and a minimum of 6. Humans range from 8-18.


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