Necro 2006 Photo Gallery

Well Necro 2006 is over and as we all recoup from the event I have compiled a series of photos from the convention. This years event was a hit and we are hoping next years will be even bigger and better. Hope to see you there. Until then, Frag ya later.

Hyatt Regency

Hotel for the Convention

The Hyatt

Our Center for the 2006 Necronomicon convention

The Stairs up

Up up up and to the Con

Escalators up

Just another view

Most of the Con Festivities were hosted on the 2nd floor.

The pool

On the 5th floor we had a patio with a pool and Jacazzie

The Jacozzie

The Bots are in control

be warned you are being watched

The combat stage

Good versees Evil

More stage Combat

A Karaoke singer

More Karaoke

Sing Sing away


Home made Storm troupers

The Kindred walk among us

More Costumes

Robin out to make a name for himself

Straberry Shortcake

Not bad at all

Nice Medalion ;)

A dog in training

Robin once more

Robin is gettin a lot of attention

More Anime fans

Captain Jack Sparow

Captain Jack Sparow again

Your Local Bible Thumper

The Red Baron in the early years

The Masqurade

The Masqurade

More Contestants

More Anime fans

More Contestants

A Dark angel

another Contestant

a witch

More Contestants

More Contestants

A wench

Who you gonna call?

Reminds me of BeetleJuice

The Winners are?

Star wars fans will recognize him.



Another Contestant

Some girls can be real dogs but they are always cuddaly

Just a couple of attendes

Future Angel

Little Bo Peep in Hot Pink

Little Bo Peep can I be your sheep?

Over grown bats but Wineers of the Masqurade

Winners of the Contest

Verry Original Costumes

Tribute to a famous auther

Future Angel on the Prowel

She has come to protect us all

Our Bat Friends

Our Bat Friends

The Bounty Hunter

The Contest is on


And anotehr Winner

Our Contestant Winners

The Winners

Winers Line up

And lets not forget the Flute Player

Winners winers everyware

Is Robin Siding with the bad guys

Bat Girl and friend

Another Angel

Humm Bat man better watch out

Robin getting his own

The two Hotest Villans I've seen

Another partisapent in the Con

A friendly Sorceres (Or is she?)

Star wars fans help me out. Who is he again?

The man of steel needs to pump it up.

Dominate me please. ;)

Even the Pirates are out tonight

Yo ho ho it's a Pirates life for me.

Will Work for Adventure?

The Hotel Scenery

Welcome to the 2nd Floor

The Dacore is very nice

Let the Sun Shine in

Can I have trees in my lobby too?

Any one want to have a hot time? ;)

The patio area

Up up and Away

Many Con partisapents visited this little Bar.

The Tampa Scenery

Any Captain Jack Sparow is still at large.