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Welcome children of the night. This will be the official site of the A.I.R.P.G.A. Vampire pages. Presently most links will point back to the White Wolf web pages but as time passes we shall up date these pages to represent our own content. lease feel free to brows the site and if you would like to share your Vampire stories or information, please contact the web master so that we may add your input to these pages.

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Vampire: The Masquerade


What are we? The Damned childer of Caine? The grotesque lords of humanity? The pitiful wretches of eternal hell? We are vampires, and that is enough. I am vampire, and that is far more than enough. I am that which must be feared, worshipped and adored. The world is mine -- now and forever.

No one holds command over me. No man. No god. No prince.

What is a claim of age for ones who are immortal? What is a claim of power for ones who defy death? Call your damnable hunt. We shall see whom I drag screaming to hell with me.

Vampire: The Masquerade is developed by Justin Achilli. Vampire: The Dark Ages and Kindred of the East are developed by Philippe Boulle.

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Kindred of the East
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Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Home Page

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