Mission statement:  

The A.I.R.P.G.A. is here to offer students of the Art Institute a safe and fun place to meet, and get together as a group of individuals in, order for the group as a whole to enjoy hours of fun and entertainment while expanding their imaginations.  We wish to share our stories, Knowledge and experiences with all whom are interested in exploring the world of role-playing. We as a group hope to introduce players of all ages "both new and seasoned" gamers to the role playing experience while helping the more advanced gamers expand their gaming experiences to include the many different forms of gaming worlds, methods of gamming, and ideas behind the gamming experience, and at the same time teach all how to become a better gamer in general. Our R.P.G. Association will always try to evolve with the present day influences as well as expand into the newest forms of gaming. Our Association will stay committed to the belief that gaming, can be save, fun and entertaining.

  Titles: The Elder 7 (Counsel of 7)

The elder Seven are a ruling counsel that founded the AIRPGA and are in direction of the organization until such a time as the council of seven can be seated on the counsel. The Counsel of 7 will be selected by a popular vote of the groups' membership and would require an annual reselection in order to remain on the counseling board. No counsel member may remain on the board for more than four consecutive terms until such a time as this election process can be amended and put up for approval by the members of the organization. For any amendments at least 60% of the membership must partake in the election process and the majority rule from such an election must approve any amendments to this and any future governing organizational documents, membership requirements or other rulings that directly effect the general membership. Annual Elections will be scheduled for fall of each year to be set on a annual date suggested 4th week of every fall term.

  DMG: Dungeon Master Guide organizes and directs club events as well as club direction

DMA: Dungeon Master assistants will be responsible for being the left hand or back up director of the Organization. The DMA position may be opened to two individuals depending on the Clubs size and needs.

  Bard: The Clubs Bard shall take notes, keep track of membership and help in keeping a historical log of events the club participates in.

  Merchant: The merchant will control all expenses, fees, donations and thrashers the Group may acquire or expend under direction of The counsel of Directors and for all members benefits.

.MONK: The title of Monk will be bestowed up on one or more group coordinator. The coordinator will spread the word of the organization to as many people as they may. This individual will be responsible for communicating events and meetings of the Elder 7 with all PC as well as DMs and newly incorporated members to the AIRPGA

  DMs / Dungeon Masters: All Members shall be offered and encouraged to create ad or direct their own gaming events using Present gamming systems or creating their own worlds and gaming systems also known as the Home Brew game.

  PC: All members become PCs once they join the group's direction and guidance and is fully authorized and requested to participate in any and all events the Group may host, sponsor, or participate in. All Titled officials including the Elder 7 are considered to be PCs from day one and as long as there association with the group is prevalent.

NPC: An NPC is considered to be the general populous and any Individual whom wishes not participate directly with any of the organizations events, gaming sessions, of competitions the group may host or participate in. All individuals are welcome to visit, associate, socialize, or simply observe any of the above events the official group participates in.

  No member will ever be required to participate in any of our hosted gaming sessions, though all members are encouraged to join in and share in the trials and tribulations of our ongoing campaigns. 

Club Benefits:  

Field Trips: The group will try to play at least one off campus event that the ruling counsel and or group membership deems desirable.

  Friendly Compactions: The group will host local gaming campaigns on campus or off campus depending on location, membership, participation, space and any other directing situations.

  Professional Competitions: As membership grows and member interest increases The group may attend local, Regional, or national competitions in order to experience competing in the real world. These competitions will have to be approved by membership as well as Art Institute management and or dean, president or whom ever the groups staff contact may be.

  Membership and school participation: School participation is a very important part of ant school based club or organization. The biggest benefit to all members as well as the general student body the existence of this club will be student participation, communicating with others of like interests and pursuing hobbies or interests to the general student body as members of this organization. This organization is being put together for the students of the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute to socialize, communicate and expand there knowledge and experience in an imaginary world as a relief from the stress of day to day classes jobs and commitments. Gamming can be a excellent way to relax and take a break for ones day to day activities as long as one realizes it is imaginary and in no way relates to the real world we all live in. Gamming is a way for one to express them self as a different person and have fun sharing time with others.

  Other Interests and Directions:

The AIRPGA will try to enter members in local, regional, and possibly national Competitions with the many sanctioned events occurring such as the RPGA, GENCOM, and other sanctioned events.

  The Club will be encouraged to meet weekly or bi weekly to discus the club's direction. The Club meetings members may wish to Discus Gamming events, Local and abroad campaigns, Gaming systems, new forums that members may be interested in as well as any other gamming or event that the membership considers interesting.

  Depending on membership and member interest we would like to host a Dinner off campus sponsored by the organization annually, bi Annually or quarterly depending on the counsel of 7 and the general membership interest as well as the above mentioned National competitions, tournaments as membership and resources permit..

  General resources and needs:

NPCs as mentioned above as well as PCs may participate in group events as space and resources permit. Both members and non-members support is requested per an individuals desire to help expand the groups' gamming supplies, props, locations, and club and gamming necessities or desires. The club is not requesting an enrolment fee at present but may eventually put to a vote by club membership as club involvement and requirements expand. The decision to request a membership fee of any type must be voted on as listed above and approved by The Fort Lauderdale Art Institute's Dean, President, or other authorized school official.


Logo is at present is not available but shall be presented as possibly an event or competition where members of the organization may present their ideas for other members to vote on and implement. LOGO may be changed, added, removed, or updated per the Elder of 7 or the Counsel of 7 members with approval of majority vote as mentioned above. Any LOGO change if implemented would be on an annual or bi annual basses as per the Counsel of 7, or the Elder of 7 ruling bodies.


General Into to myself:

Experience- Dungeons and Dragons, Dragonlance, Alternity, Twilight 2000, Video game

              I have been a gamer of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons since probably 1988 or early 1999. I started playing the computer versions of the games on my Commodore 64. I advanced to a PC version in the early 1991 or 1992.  I moved up to my First Pen and Paper versions of the game probably in 1996, and I have participated in probably 6 to 8 different campaigns using pen and paper. I have Played Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Dragonlance, Alternity, Grey Hawk, Twilight 2000, and Dragon Strike campaigns.  I first started running my own campaign in early 1999 when the group I was involved in gamming with broke up and went on about their business. I started a 4th level Campaign and we are approaching 10th and 11th level now. We still meet every Sunday at my home to continue our gaming.

  My Club Experience:

 I have Participated In many Different Clubs and organizations over the years. To list the most prominent ones see below.

  Organization Date     Duties

Broward Community College Computer Club             1996                     Member

Broward Community College Computer Club            1997         Director of Head Quarters.

Broward Community College Computer Club            1998                Vice President

D.E.C.A.                                                                1997/1998          Student Government Liaison

P.B.L.                                                                          1997                     Member

I.E.E.E.                                                                  1997 / 1998          Member

BCC S.G.A.                                                                1998            Technical Adviser

Florida Mopar Connection                                     1992 / 1998         Member

Scat Pack                                                                1991 / 1993          Member

Wing Warriors                                                  1992                     Member

American motors Owners Association            1989 / 1992          Member

  There are other organizations I associate with both Automotive related and school related but these were the most active of the clubs I have worked with. Presently I am an active member of SGA here at The Art Institute and will possibly be forming a 2nd club for the Multimedia and Web Design students her on campus. I am attending the Art Institute in pursuit of an AS in Web Design and will probably be continuing to a Bachelors depending on present and future situations.

Professionally I am a Computer Technician and Sub Contractor. I am also in the process of creating a start up small business that will be PC and web based.  I also do Computer Consulting and networking services, web page hosting and authoring.

My hobbies are the above plus modifications and restoration of muscle cars, Role Playing gaming, Music and movies as well as Video collecting.