First Meeting minuets. 5/15/01

Overview of First meeting A.I.R.P.G.A.

18 signed up but seemed there were more.

Food was a hit. Chips first soda all meeting Pizza 5:30

Rob is going to run a 3rd Edition campaign on Saturdays, Some interest in other games but not a large out pouring.

Meeting will be weekly same place same room. Students have class from 6p till 10p so may wish to change to a different location in two more meetings.

Adviser never showed and did apologies but said he never got my email.

Isaac and friend will help with publicity, Rob signed up to be DMA also Aaron will be a DMA

One person asked about Horror role playing games

Several people had general questions about role playing games would probably be good to put more basic info in the newsletter.

There was interest in competitions would be a good article for newsletter too.