The portal starts returns a Journal by Dexter

     As their group had several and after long weeks of venture with all matter around the tavern to have dinner tavern crowd was normal several dwarfs talk about the dwarven nations.  Six couples, merchants considering transporting goods to the north, a few guards winding down from along shift.  Our barkeep is busy serving up the ale.  Can of course assorted systems scattered about the tavern earn all in joining conversations and entertainment by a young female barred planer and Trent.  As we sit there it in joining our dinner notice the seemed to be a couple of guards well-armed city at one table speaking with what appears to be a noble person as we look his direction he seems to look away.  As the crowd was on down so or several of the patrons had left the evening and the no person approached a party introduced himself.  My name is Fred, Fred Hill they ate together These are your friends Dexter. - Speaks up taking a glancing around Well they're my traveling companions though we are friendly towards each other As he winks at the bard of the group”.  After brief introduction the German explains that he is a noble blood from the town north here called Barton it seems there been I explain murders of noble family members from different families in the town.  They're rumors of demons an evil possessing the beans but these zero rumors.  He offers the party land rights and fame if they can help solve the occurrences in their town.  Fred warns the party that this is a very religious town so they shoot curtail most of their actions as to not offend the at local religious chapters.

     As a party finished up their dinner Hampshire for a long journey to Barton they turned in for quite evening of rest relaxation and of course communing with deities and spell preparations.  Morning rises the party have breakfast and as soon on their way to Barton the trip is virtually uneventful but there does seem to be huge storm brewing in the distance the peers be rolling in from the mountains just south of the town.  This type of stored as the storm is not unheard of in the round though this season is the wrong season for the Storm to appear a Polish pianist Die the party notices a bright and beautiful room full moon guiding their track to the town.

     One arriving in Barton the group immediately enters a tavern to secure their room for the evening and request information about the events occurring.  Peering around the room we have our usual group of doors shut into their Dwarves in May each nation chance.  An old Cold lady who may have been attractive young bar in their day by his reach matured beyond the stage of youth and beauty is entertaining the small group in the tavern.  We see what appears to be a noble couple sitting addict couching for a fire with their guards and eight side and Lady sings be very upset.  Upon further investigation it seems to their daughter was working at the temple for the past four seasons has met with a tragic death and the family is very distraught about it.  The party me the gathers and heads the temple to investigate the occurrences.  The noble couple and for the party that the death of their daughter occurred approximately two weeks ago in the church is done nothing to the air is not been able to resolve the her death or interpret any meaning and it.  As a party approaches the temple the meagerly year screams echoing from inside the building the party Russia's and to see couple of Arts and got them there had them.  As a into the main chamber has tall pedestals up to the second story ceiling and a large number of an intricate redesigned fuse all up down the main section of the temple of tool left seems to be a doorway where it the events occurring.  To as the party proceeds towards the door way a guard immediately stops in the masts with their intentions are here.  The party inform some of their mission and requests from their So shit Fred and with that regard releases his grasp on the door and offers what the party investigate the crime scene.  Upon entering the crime scene we see what appears be easy town acolyte.  Over the remains of a brutally slaughtered person.  The crime scene is a mess there's blood and guts and organs scatter all about the room.  Upon further investigation there appears to be no sign of forced entry and also no sign of a murder weapon a worker with done this heinous act to the Poor bishop of this town.  I oddly enough however the party does notice huge S painted on Wall the what appears be red paint or maybe it could be blood of the slain victims.  Add as the evening runs on appears that the bishops handmaiden is very upset crying and shaking of the guards approaches her and comforts her she informs the guard she cannot remain here she must go home and immediately takes to depart from the temple.  As a party investigate further they can find no sign of a weapon or forced entry or anything that could of had to do with this tragic event.  One person in the party of clerics consults the acolyte informs him that he has the capability of speaking with bad and request permission of the temple to attempt to discern from this for Victim what led to his fate.  The acolyte agrees and offers the Priest quarters as though he may commune with his deity in order to gain the ability of this task to speak with one dead.  A few hours free to go by at our Cleric approaches the remains of the body and summons the energies of his deity.  As spelled in golf's the area of terrified screaming appears to echo and the priests had it seems the bishop is not aware of what has occurred upon a few Quest the few questions are Priest the the Allows the game general information that he was very concerned about his assistant as it seems he was screaming her name an asking if she is OK.  With that the connection to the netherworld is broken no more reformation can be gained from this poor lost soul.

    As the night goes on the storm's progress heavier when this stirring up rain is billowing down as though small pebbles falling from the sky.  The Party rejoins to their room and rest for the evening.  The next morning the party is back in the tavern having breakfast together as they discussed the occurrences of the past night everyone seems to be stopped.  Upon returning to the temple in the morning in order to attend and a further investigation has in care there seems to be a high priest in the day all running his Mass at a dark figure jumps from the rafters at sass and it is just murdered the acolyte the party is been dealing with the assassin is instantly killed by city guards and each side for investigation T-notes this assassin as the lady from the earlier evening who had to leave as she could not face the brute " brutal murder of the temple's bishop.  The party offers their assistance but with this the guards need no more help from the party ask them to please return to their inn.

    As the party is speaking of the past the events to hear some activity in the courtyard of one exiting the tavern earned they see what appears to be alone a writer.  The lone rider comes in to the town beat and tired the rider immediately approaches the group asks if day are adventures and if they could help him.  The party informs them that their adventures in they've been sent here by Fred to investigate the occurrences of this town.  The traveler he explains that last night thrall the storms it seems all over half of the town he is from known as Skills Billy has disappeared.  There appears to be no forced entry except the town's priest whose door has been forced open and the scene of a struggle lingers from out of the man's home.  The party immediately he accepts the Travelers request and heads north to Hill's Billy it seems this is the same direction of the clouds and the mountains as the party is traveling about half a day's travel the weather again begins to turn foul clouds billowing in the distance when this picking up his seems the storm's show return tonight.

    Upon arrival in Hill's Billy the party immediately investigate C several of the system's homes and finds that the homes appear to be well maintained and live-in of last there are no signs of any of the citizens from over half of the homes in this small farming community of Hill's Billy.  Has the approached the temple they can see where it appears the door has been forced open above further investigation the party has no lock discerning what people are creatures may have forced into this home but the sign of a struggle is present and again there's no sign of the town's Minister.  He's a little of low-level Priest of some the has a reputation of being a fond met a member of the community The and a Raider practice their of all religious activities to do was to be a.  But it seems there's no connection between him and the missing citizens though the fact that they have all disappeared the night before a.  As party investigate so they're able to discern a set of tracks leading into the mountains with the storm is a booming in the distance a few hours of light the party this way to proceed on into the mountains they spend another hour to hour in writing into the mountains when suddenly they're attacked by a group of sleuths.  Sluice to those of us for not familiar are small creatures are prompting Foot to have tall not using known to be violent.  They will speeders Short spears has polearms into a minimal damage but the group seems to be driven mad by some unknown force.  The party easily managed to dispatch the sleuths and continue on its travels into the mountains.  Not too much further the party notices in the distance a group of orcs.  The orcs seemed regrouped around one man who appears to be the leader of the works.  This leader seems to be having a disagreement with one of the other Orcs he's confronting.  The for the party can intervene a fight breaks out between the leader in the associate.  Upon the party is her arrival at the scene of battle the leader has been slain in the Orcs explained to the party that their leaders seemed to been driven crazy.  It seems the orc was leading the group into a these caves to the north.  The case the north or one why this one way and all the kids are dead end and there's no resources to support a group of orcs for anybody who decided to adventure into these mountains.  With that yours when the party to turn and head of as the orcs did the same period a as a starting to get darker Lightning this flash in the sky thunders pounding and the rain begins to come down.  Up " another 30 OR 40 minutes' travel and the mountains the past seems to split off in the four waste.  As a party investigates the first pass it seemed to lead into a cave and upon entrance into the cave they see another bloody scene.  Again here there's blood and organs and body parts scattered all about the case.  The party's best guess is that there could be 8 to 10 people slaughtered in this case though all the body parts seem to be brutally torn apart and splattered against the walls and floor.  As a party is that investigates further the knows what appears to be a small altar at the end of the cave in on the wall behind the altar and other restaurant assets painted on to wall.  The scene in this tragic and terrible the party is unable to do anything for the citizens of Hill's Billy.  Upon investigation of the second third and 4th pass each path leads to a k each cave scene have alter each author has the Large tests taken on Wall each scene is this terrible as the last body part splattered everywhere as a into the 4th cave they do notice some movement from May a human form though the lakes and one and one arm seemed the mutilated the per the person seems to be barely alive.  Immediately the clear schoolwork and to an attempt to heal the wounds individual in hopes of discerning what occurred in these caves.  As soon as the person is healed amended he immediately falls into a terrifyingly sleep.  The storms are raging outside in the party decides in a stay here in the caves it would be too dangerous to track back through the caverns and pathways to town of Hill's Billy as a storm rages on the injured individual of bench the gains consciousness.  Upon attempting to the question by the party he immediately screams of star the coming in and is a struggle rocks he manages to steal a dagger from one of the debentures and so it's his own throat the clerics have no bill in to stop the bleeding as they use all their Healing on him previously and he dies.  Upon Search in the body the party finds a parchment will be up to one is Pockets is stained with blood and an old Tom is hard to discern but Dexter seems to deal the read ancient languages and has some knowledge of ancient history.  Using his abilities he manages to decipher the letter the letter appears to say:

 Book of shaithenith.

When the stars are right
at full moon in the night
Sarth come
Praise Sarth the many

The Seal Of Souls start to breach
Ghosts and spirits try to reach
The mind of the weak.
Praise Sarth the many

As the walls of hades fall
the servants of Sarth will call
demons of fire.
Praise Sarth the many

When the third dead alone his family kills
the power of the gods spills
and the demons of night enter
Praise Sarth the many

As the final barrier break
Shaithenith will awake
Armageddon comes
Praise to Shaithenith

Demon invocation.
Burn the eyes for Sarth the many
Sacrifice the heart to Shaithenith
Draw with blood the sigil of Sarth
Breach the confinements of space
And name the demons name


    With the book the party settle down for the evening of rest her show was say it and to do rest of storms raged on about.  As the sun rises the stench of death surrounds the party from all of the D.C. recently deceased.  The party neatly gathers up and head south out of mountains back the town held belief.  Other way to town to confront a citizen of ~ Billy requesting the presence of the adventures fast as it seems Cedric the town magic User has locked himself his tower and seemed appears of one crazy.  The party rushes back to Hill Delhi and have no trouble finding the home of this Cedric Person.  As they approach the door seems to be locked Dexter being skilled with manipulating Locks and had that manages to unlock the door was a minimal effort.  As a party opens the door they see a long corridor in with huge tapestries hanging along each of the walls of the left in the right in some 65+ began in the party can see a raging fire place as a party enters the home he meagerly Adam know where a man robes appears to adjust to let the fireplace and he yells and shrewd Curse you shall not invade my home.  With that he summons a Creature I Creature fire instantly the fire in the in that Mantle lead years and a huge Creature forms of a fire.  This creature seems be feeding off of the torch lit a fire on each wall and that the fireplace raging behind him.  With that the party sees the Mage disappeared through the door.  The party must battle this foul beast before it can proceed on the battle is a rough one with several of the party getting injured but at using team work and skill the party managers to eventually extinguish all the fires in the room the use of the create water spell one of the clerics flooded the floor with an inch to 2 in. of water a barred and arranger the group will along the side walls extinguishing the lanterns are Teledyne charge try again facing the fire Creature with no fear.  The battle rages another party members may use to knock the logs out of the fireplace into the water gradually extinguishing the fire in eliminating the source the creature was feeding on Fort Strength.  With the fired on the Elemental fated to nothing in the halls quiet though the slosh of adventure and walking arm went for.  The party went to investigate the door it was locked Dexter it attempts to pick clock to no avail he breaks to set picks it seems this store might must have magic protect and as well.  The party traveled to the left the fireplace and found another door to left the door to the right as they open the door of left it appeared to be a small kitchen.  As they open the door to the right this appeared to leave to a private quarters with our fancy bedroom set.  And Elf in the party neatly into the room expecting to find a secret passage he spent much time checking all walls to no avail if seemed to be no magical passage a trap doors in this room.  The Tail

Charges in the room and sees another door to the right he me into the room and this appears to be a war room with tables and chairs and a circle books on Wall to huge statues at one end of room But no sign of the mage.  As the party returned to the other door using Strength and Wizardry the party manage to break the lock barring the door as they open the door in the east and antechamber with another door straight ahead and third door to the right has a investigate the door straight ahead appears in the old abandoned store room with nothing but players of dust on the floor and they look to the right thing stevedore at it is it appears to be locked also this Lock is no match for gestures dexterous skill he manages to manipulate Lock and opens it instantly.  This party ventures they see a winding corridors at least another door approach that story it's locked.  The fire being annoyed by E Door Just charges and-use the door and the easily gives under hitch his huge bass and mighty Strength.  It seems to lead to a staircase of Port fighter immediately take steps in leaps and bounds of exercise its back to investigate the traps he finds non the play travel the upstairs to another chamber with a door at the end the steps.  This Stores Lock also fire forces that door open seas a long corridor he charges through towards another door to rest the party follows him added safe distance.  The pirate pushes open the next door being to another staircase that seems to head downward.  As a fighter takes steps to three time here another door bashing towards the ground.  The party fold down the stairs slowly and cautiously find the next door forced open.  As a look through a doorway it appears to be a long haul why with another door at the hands the party scratching their head and travels to the door to door is unlocked the lot seems to be busted play looks in the room and appears the stairs up the party mealy proceeds up the stairs meanwhile in the distance of the home even here the sounds of the fighter yelling and screaming and Doris slamming party reaches the top of stairs they hear a loud door slam below them sent me at the Dark is the fighter charge up the stairs nearly running into the group.  A fighter holds firm that were Hero is doing here argued anatomy.  The party shakes her head looks the beach and deferment no matter are shall continue on.  The fighter charged down long hallway to the next-door few more stairs your cursing and he goes down the stairs.  The party trails like the hallway and looks noticing this hallway seems very familiar a they proceed down the steps the fighter charges through as they're going down another long corridor the charter a chart a fighter comes bounding down more stairs yelling through it all out war cry and almost dashes into the party as he passes them for a second time.  With that the party seems stomped they did a few moments to gain their senses.  Dexter has a bright idea of marking the steps is the goal of them.  Says the party enters the next room the market next steps there up the steps to find out next chamber.  And thru the door leads to a long hallway then another door then to another set of steps that goes down into the darkness puts the party back to a path that heads downstairs in another door seeing a long corridor the party travels that corridor.  Once they open the door the notice steps upward.  With further inspection Dexter sees his mark on the steps this is a sure sign the party has been here before.  It seems the stairs are one-way loop.  The party trade turnaround a venture the opposite way they came they reach the sense that assisted lineup and atop the stairs this letter 0 inscribed in this top step the play scratches its head.  With bad party starts searching the chamber much closely.  As they're searching the walls and the steps in Levy Dexter finds a secret passage in a doll door to the south.  It seems the wall was illusionary wall as a party headed through Walt they reach a set of stairs trickle-down.  Not wishing to get caught in a loop again the party neatly marks the top step this time with bussy and a party heads downstairs to reach another door once they open the door the U.S. the along chairman from a big U.S. see more stairs but they do see what appears to be a small anti chamber.  At the end the chamber is a roll top desk be of high quality " would.  The party investigate space the bookcases find a few books on aging history.  Torm's sagacious a locate General Magic books nothing of use to anybody except for a novice of the magic.  As a fighter being annoyed he really tries to force open Roll Cobb that desk Dexter yells Whitney to die glasses to let as he forces a desk open for darts can fly from underneath it to them impaling the fighter his leg won nearly missing his growing 01 it innocently he shoots across the room.  The fighter false in the the feeling weak and Drain.  With little investigation the clerics are able to tell that the fighter has just been poisoned by these darkness.  Declare traces deity to neutralize the poison him with that shortly the fighter stands as the party is dealing with their injury and Poland, add Dexter early investigate several top desk Plane he is secret compartment in the back he'll visit and see this means the lever is the opens a lever a trapdoor on the underside of the desk seems open and there the party finds another school is in similar gain does the Fort parchment of star but this has a much different message the message reads as follows:

   Theo my associate, the day of Shinina is rapidly approaching.  Hail the Shinina.  The desire to master the Arts will be strong this season.  Be wary though, Shinina is powerful he still has others whom wish to rein the land of Faerun.  These, the disciples will attempt to deceive and may offer powerful allies and minions of support, but the proselytes are not true to their word.  The creatures of fire will offer to aid ye and then once they have they hold in the land of Faerun they will turn against the and hope to build their powers to challenge Faerun.  Do not fail the test the fire, as it will mean you're certain doom.  Ye should hold the crystal close to these person as a ward of protection from those not true leadership of the true disciplines.  Be wary of the voices they're not true voices of Shinina.

As the third seal break Shinina will be free to rein in this world and our true powers only then will be bestowed upon the.  Hail Shinion.  The third seal is coming down tonight.  Once this appears the five must spills the Blood of blood and this will be the final seal preventing Shinina from entering this realm The Summoning shall be called upon in the meadow of stones and the vortex shall be called upon with thy blood and words of thy text.  The book is aged but tells the, all one's requirements to be acquainted with, for the grace of our power shall rise with the being of Shinion.  Hello Shinion. The Sarth Symbol is the symbol of the true Shinion.

Yours in growth
Petr Vall Shanoa

    With this in hand the party travels back to Beliard in an attempt to unravel the mystery behind it this star symbol in the coming of Shinion.

 On the road to Beliard the party is accosted by what appears to be hey, they're caring a short sword and arrested Shield.  The commoner immediately charges that the party in state something about I a.m. the warlord Detreat and I shall slay all the evil creatures.  The party attempts to negotiate with the common error by the years nothing of it and charges one blow from our fighter’s great sword and subtly kills the untrained commoner.  Upon examining the body bears note sign of a reason why such a common error whit attempt to challenge the great adventures.  With this the party traveled further north towards Bill Hard.

     As the party enters the town the immediately consult the temple in an attempt to locate Petr Vall Shanoa as the acolytes are looking this up, Dexter proceed some more research and library of the book of Shinion and the sarth symbol.  It seems some chaos demons were cast away into the abyss many eons ago and their leader was known as Sarth. It seems the true godsof for Ron disapproved of Sarth’s action and it tends to overthrow the entire land a Faerun.  As the party gets directions to Petr Vall Shanoa small tower just east and the city.  Our Party immediately travels out to the Tower to investigate upon arriving they note the tower is similar in structure as the previous one where they met Theo.  Through member in the layout of Tower the mealy proceeded to the back entrance and an attempt to get the Wizard by surprise upon entering they find similar research area though this has a huge tapestry with the letter S in red upon it.  As the party travel's further into the tower they come upon a chamber with to robe feet years watching the other entrants yes it seems to work for a party has caught them by surprise immediately the party approaches warning the tube to hold their positions alas it is not to be the two wizard's began casting Spell.  The battle was a long and toward one pacify Aaron smoked and I Mace and pain and eventually the travelers were triumphant against the ill-fated nation's clasped in hand of feel the party finds a black Krystal.  The crystal seems to glow with an eerie light.  The light though not visible to the human eye was Dark and unwanting.  As a party is finishing up the battle the Tell guards seemed to charge and peers a herd of the trouble in the tower and come to your rate Dexter quickly hides the Krystal in his bag and notices a book the seems to be in hand of one of the slain Wizards the guards are busy securing that temple but Dexter it uses his skills to distract one of the guards way change over the two slain wizard's he manages to quit the pocket the book that the Wizard was holding.  Upon reviewing the book it seems the Page party found earlier came from this book and appears this is the book of Shinon.  With this Party immediately exits the tower and proceeds to the West.  As a party of enters town they see the graveyard has been defiled several witnesses have seen some small flaming demons there and several of the get graves are dug out the caretaker appears to be dead All so and the church's book has been stolen by a man matching description of the disappeared guard the very guard whose lay the assassin the night before.  As a party investigates defile the graveyard they seem to notice the couple of the gravestones don't seem to match the people that are supposed to be buried there: its seems one grave appeared to have Iels Hansson and it but the gravestone is labeled Agatha Philips daughter.  Further investigation reveals that another dug upgrave and appeared to house the contents of Jens Nielsson but the stone their states Albertphilipsson.  And the some more research turns out a third grade his been disturbing has the contents of thyra Jens daughter but that Stone is labeled dgar Philipsson.  The party can discern no other information from the defile of gray shirt as a into the temple the Priest appears to be sending an old and gray metal man away who has lots of Burning scars on his body.  As the party Keeps approaches the acolyte the gym in mentions how sorry he feels for the man having lost all of his children a fire burned down his farm and killed his children.  As the party approaches the man speaking with him about the situation the party five of the man is very upset about the swapping of some tombstones he is Phillip the father of tough Albert and a deer Phillips and the tombstones the been switched and this is a tragic event for the man-race losing his family.

     By the party investigate they further discovered that Derek Haroldson is the rightful person who should be buried in that graveyard he seems to have had a widow who apparently was the first one who was murdered recently in the temple. With the brutal slaughter and maiming of noble citizens of this town is does appear she was the first victim mealy a chambermaid in the temple.  As the party research further they discover that Dirk Alfredson is another one of the disturbed graves and the party had set out to his farm they seem to arrive just-in-time to see what appears to a be the two son's battling with their father Dirk. Dirk  is not a man any more he is now a zombie some quick Sword work and this obviously put to rest the two sons have been saved.  As far as a third grade it seems to belong to a man named to the Donna Hall son who lives just outside the town with his four children.  The party rushes out to the town in hopes that beyond Eye has not fallen the same fate as Dark.  As the party or rise this seemed to be a battle occurring the for children with tears in their rise are attempting to fight off the zombies remains of beyond of Paul Simon.  As a party kills the finals on the a frenzied City guard a tax this appears to be the guard who disappeared after the assassin was murdered the city garden scenes be very strong and fast as feet some other guards arrived with the help profuse to the guards this frenzied Guard is killed put to rest as the Creature diaries he curses the party.  It seems the frenzied guard was that she saw who did manage to possess the poor soul of the City guard and appears to party has it foiled stars plans to release the final seal and allow Shinina to walk this earth once more.

     The party receives directions to the meadow of Stones.  Upon arrival at the meadow of Stones the party sees what appears to be five great demons of flame. The demons are gathering at a location similar to stone head known in other parts of other worlds. The Meadow of stones is located to the west of town, within the Middle of the stones the demons appear to be creating some sort of powerful force at that very instantly another storm erupts over the rocks in the distance.  The party immediately attacks the five demons bloodshed is everywhere. The fighter falls, the Bard is seriously injured the Ranger’s clothing is set a fire and the cleric of the group is unable to stand on his own two feet, but through time the party prevails by defeating the final of the five demons and with the fall of the last demon the storm immediately starts to dissipate and the sky stars to clear the eerie glow from the crystal seems to be fading away to all present it appears the ceremony has been disrupted and life on for Faerun will continue back to normal.

     All do it ballot effort six great Hero's to travelers from West Bridge who arrived here just a few nights ago in hopes of helping ease the spirits of noble families who had been losing loved ones in a brutal and terrible manor.

As a party regroups and carries its injured back to town the temple is most happy to help heal the injured and offers a party residence in their temple until the following morning when the nobleman Fred the party met several days earlier arrives in town congratulating the party on their valiant effort in resolving the tragic death of so many friends and families.  Fred lives up his part of the agreement and all six of our heroes the great Adventure's receive land rights and acknowledgement as heroes of the realms along with a tidy sum for their efforts.