10/17/01 When Chaos Reigns

    Today 6 brave adventurers took on the quest to save a local businesswoman from terrible haunting nightmares.  After much investigation they found out evil magic was about.  Her late husband's business partner was starting his own business. He wanted to destroy her business by using some sort of magic that would kill her!  Knowing this, the 6 brave heroes trudged through the forest to come upon a hut and a tower.  Storming into the hut and it's many secrets, they found themselves on their way to the tower.  Puzzled by what they found, they continued on only to face terrible Fiendish Wolverines!  A great battle occurred where one Paladin fell in a pitiful 1st attempt at the beasts.  Thanks to ingenious role-playing and unmatched skill the beasts were defeated.   The final chamber awaited as the unsuspecting monk had a life-or-death situation that he had to face alone. Failing, the characters tried to stop the mad wizard businessman, but to no prevail.  He escaped and managed to kill the poor businesswoman with his dream magic.  The party did not feel bad, as they did the best of their ability and are sure to make it up in the next adventure where they must break an evil curse upon an entire race of people!