Volume 7, Issue 1                                                                           January 2002

Hero or Geek

By Cresent Blue

You read a few too many science fiction/fantasy/gothic/horror novels, and suddenly daydreams of skulking around a castle searching for a lost treasure just don't cut it anymore. You want a bit more interactivity, more excitement, a more complete experience of another world. You could seek professional help, but may I suggest finding yourself a role-playing game. 

Role-playing, put simply, is pretending to be someone else. Many employers use it to test trainees by pretending to be an irritated customer or a troubled student. But most role-playing games seek to capture the spirit of the "pretend" games we played as kids. 

Published games, such as Dungeons and Dragons ®, Vampire: the Masquerade ®, and Star Wars ® (you too can be a Jedi!), give you all the equipment and logistics for a good game of pretend. Each game takes place in its own world. Even games taking place in modern day settings redefine the universe somewhat. For example, the core games by White Wolf occupy a reality that closely resembles the every day world, only darker, more decayed and more violent. The player builds a character that moves within the world defined by the game and makes decisions on behalf of that character. 

The playing of the character forms the core of role-play. You must ensure your character acts within their nature within their world. A good knight who bases his life on honor and righteousness will not rob the dead. A street brawling, punk vampire probably won't sit down to tea, or if he does, he certainly won't behave. 

These games boast no winners or losers. Most of the time players do not even compete against each other. They usually act as a group, undertaking an adventure or pursuing a goal defined by a Storyteller

































Inside This Issue


Intro by The Captain


Hero or Geek?


Hollywood by Night by Candace


Rumors and Articles.


L.A.R.P.  Live Action Role Playing



Vampire The Masquerade






promising to be a place where Cainites can thrive. As always, problems come up, but, packs are formed, Arch Bishops are appointed and the sect still thrives. Find out what does happen in this up and coming city of Hollywood after the sun sets. 

Rumors and out takes from the

Sun Sentinel:  December 22, 2001

Taken from Sun Sentinel December 19, 2001 "Two teens murdered, two missing" "Last night, a call came into the 911 center from Hollywood Beach. A passer-by on a cellular phone relayed the message of the gruesome murder of two teenagers found on the beach. After the bodies were taken to the hospital, they were identified as Clay Kraken, and Hannah Talow. Families say the teen couples were out with two other friends and they frequent Hollywood Beach. Last night the two friends were also reported missing. Their names are Jonathon Ambros, and Marla Hanning. Police are looking for any information on the two missing. Hollywood Beach was combed for evidence but Police found none in the area. The bodies of the teens looked almost like an animal attack. One had large claw marks across his back that ripped his spinal cord. The other body had been drained of all blood and the neck broken, coroners say after death, the second body was cut by the same claws disemboweling him. The loss of so much blood was odd to the medical examiner.
Dr. Harry Finder of Memorial Regional hospital made this statement, "We've seen a few murders like this in the past few months. There's been three that have the victims drained of blood and two of them have had claw marks like this. One victim had no wounds and died of blood loss." Jerry Lantana, Hollywood Police Sergeant commented saying, "These murders are definitely from the same person or persons. It's obvious the murderers- and yes there has to be more than one- are trying to copy occult style murders that have been documented. We think it may be some sick people who are obsessed with the occult." ________________________________________________

Taken from the Sun-Sentinel December 20, 2001
"Drug sales low"
"Local Police and even the DEA are breathing a sigh of relief , but, the local drug users are not. As of the past couple of months, drug use and sales have been very low in the Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale area. The sell of ecstasy, acid, and marijuana are especially low. Officer Carlos DeLaCruz commented, "We don't know what's causing it but, we're happy. I haven't busted a kid for possession in awhile." Visiting a local rave, comments














































































away from the car. I just can't believe this."
Investigators say that the driver was a drunk driver who lost control of his car, coming through the intersection. His body has not yet been identified. Medical Examiners are comparing dental records on the body."
Rumors and Article Continued:


Even though the newspapers say one thing, we all know what happened. The Camarilla made it into Hollywood. Luckily, the Cardinal was gone when this happened. All of the Cainites were gathered into a secure warehouse after the complete mess that the Camarilla caused. Both Bishops present agreed that for now, the warehouse will be the meeting place of the Cainites because the nightclub has been infiltrated more than once.
Cardinal Adam Morgan, Vincent Darkmoon and Raven Esquin were all present at the nightclub during the "party" all of the Cainites were invited to. Also present with The Cardinal were two Templars of interest- Randy Galnon- well known Templar of Raven and Cardinal Morgan, and Will Parrigan- who was arrested on his first visit to Hollywood.
Cardinal Morgan appointed a new Bishop in the city- Toreador antitribu Allejandro recieved the ring. Jacqueline wasn't in attendance- Raven mentioned she was in New Jersey.
Because of the Camarilla infiltration, more Cainites have taken notice of the problems in the city. Among the main problems are the standing Camarilla, the rumored Lupine presence, and the rumors of mortal hunters coming after The Sabbat in South Florida.
Bishop Lilith decided to lead a group against the Camarilla in Miami. Apparently, we haven't gotten them all yet. Also, someone's been leaking information. There's a traitor among The Sabbat.

Bishop Allejandro took it upon himself to lead a group against the mortal hunters.
It's official, Rico has left for Tampa to fight for the sect in the heart of Camarilla territory. Donovan has taken over as Ductus of The Edge pack.
Many new ones entered the city last night, two Ventrue antitribu, a Lasombra has joined Cardiac's pack, and two Malkavian antitribu's. Also, Raven introduced a new Nos




























































But I'm afraid, my dear, that you're not going to like what you see.

The Camarilla existed first and foremost to enforce an edict A Masquerade--by which to hide. They erased all evidence of themselves from sight of the living and slowly-- over many, many years-- They became as myths to the minds of man. And thus concealed they have continued to grow in power And to guide Humanity to suit their whims

The Camarilla: For uncountable centuries, the clans ruled the nights. The greatest human kingdoms were but playthings to these so-called Kindred. Their power was matched only by their arrogance – until the coming of the fires of the Inquisition. Vulnerable for the first time, seven of these clans united to govern the rest. They called themselves the Camarilla

Two clans stand in open rebellion to the Masquerade. Supported by renegade antitribu from the Camarilla clans,
they are collectively known as the

Sabbat. They seek freedom from the rules of the Camarilla, and they strive to reduce mankind to the status of cattle. The centuries long-war between these two sects has escalated -- perhaps beyond control.

The anthem of the Sabbat is total Kindred freedom. It is this philosophy that makes them deadly guerrilla warriors and a shockingly disorganized sect One Sabbat pack
is seldom aware of the agenda of another.


Unlike the Camarilla kindred, they are not bound to the whims of a single sire. Sabbat vampires undergo blood rites that make them fiercely loyal to their sect. Sometimes this rabid devotion is all that keeps them together



B.A.R. Broward Area Role-players is an organization in the Broward County area that hosts several RPGA Sanctioned games ant several remote locations. We at The A.I.R.P.G.A. became members of this group in the winter term of 2001 when we began to offer RPGA Sanctioned campaigns on campus to all students who wish to participate

The club currently plays Living City events on alternate Sundays at 1:00pm, at Lost Realms: 23066 State Road 7 Boca Raton, FL 33428-5434 Phone: 561-470-5700

The RPGA: The RPGA is a community of people who love roleplaying games and want to share the fun. If you want to meet new friends, find a game, or add something more to your own campaign, check us out. See what we have to offer and download our membership handbook. at http://www.rpga.com.

The RPGA LIVING CITY campaign is a huge shared-world tournament campaign set in Ravens Bluff, a port city in the FORGOTTEN REALMS® campaign setting. Ravens Bluff is in the midst of a trade boom. Recovering from a recent war, the city is struggling with political infighting, crime, and the ambitions of the petty and the great. Called the City of Adventurers, Ravens Bluff calls out to those of keen intellect, strong arm, or quick feet. Your character can find fame and fortune, or a messy death if you're not careful.

Players make their own characters, and play them in RPGA tournaments across the country (and beyond). Characters gain treasure, experience, and advance in levels just like in a home campaign. At live-action events, characters can buy land, join guilds, trade magical items, get involved in the city government or religions, and more. As characters become powerful in the campaign, more options open up to them. Heed the call and become a part of the largest roleplaying campaign anywhere.

Living City is a super-heroic campaign, in which player characters live in a High Magic/High Fantasy environment and seek High Adventure









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