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Would you like a fast paced high profile job as a model? If yes give us more information about you:

If this form doesn't work please use the attached Document be sure to include a recent photo any head shots you may have and a copy of your portfolio should you already have one.

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Please Upload Recent Pictures here.

More Info about you and your Experience

Type of Modeling you would be interested in.

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Do you have a Portfolio? YesNo          If So Please Upload a Digital Formant here:

  Thank you for submitting your information. All information received will be keep for internal use only. We will never sell any of your personal information. All information obtained will be keep for C.H. production Services and you will be contacted if any of out associated agencies wish to contact you regarding any talent needs. Please note this is only a form for collecting information on prospective models and in no way means you will have a job but instead we will review your information and cross reference you with any prospecting contacts or work you and your skills may be required for. by hitting the Submit button below you are authorizing C.H. Productions to review your personal information for internal use only. C.H. Productions is an agency that may conduct talent searches from prospective clients. We will keep your information on file for Prospective agencies to review.

If this form fails to work please use C.H. Productions Document and Fax or email this form with your head shots, recent photo and a copy of your portfolio if you you have one.

PDF Document

Word Document

If you do not have a Portfolio we can still use your info to cross reference our database and should a modeling position arise that suites your look and appearance or your previous experience one of our staff will contact you with further information. Please be sure to give us good contact info and a recent photo

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