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        We Have dozens of agencies we work with and many contacts to help you get your career on track. C.h Productions can submit your portfolio to agencies both local and distant in order to help you the client secure professional Modeling, Runway experience, and many local events in the South Florida area that are looking for talent. Weather you are an armature or have been modeling for years C.H. productions can secure a place for you to grow and offer you exposure.

If acting is more your speed, we at CH. productions may just be able to help you secure that job be it a walk-on role extra in a major movie shoot or possibly the leading roll in some Hollywood production. C.H. productions can put you in contact with the right people to make things happen in your future acting career. Let our staff help guide you down the rode to stardom.

      if you are one who loves to be in front of the camera we can definitely help you out. our staff has many contacts that may wish to have a simple head, feet, hands what ever shot needed for advertisement, labeling, promotions etc. our friendly staff is known to be camera happy and would love to have photos, be it professional quality or not, of you and any of your friends in all sorts of poses and with numerous back grounds for our associates to review for possible display in relation to a product, service or event happening in your area.


      Awe the movies.  Everyone wants to be a star. We at C.H. production are not a big Hollywood production company so we have the time to review many of our clients for possible placement in Film and movies. We have connections with the local film production companies in south Florida and a few leads to try and get you noticed by the larger production houses. Whether it is home movies, Adult Entertainment, Local productions, or even some of the larger filmmakers who love to use the south Florida background in full length productions for the big screen. We at C.H. Productions ay just have the leads and contacts to get you started on that life long dream of appearing on the silver screen. Contact us for further info and please send in those portfolios for out staff to begin to review.

     Home Video, Adult Entertainment, Local models needed for students and web designers alike. Today just about anyone can make a home video and we at C.H. productions are no exception. We do quality videos for our clients as well and many other web sights we have host and have designed. Weather your video project is a wedding, a wild bachelor or bachelorette party, the kids at there big game or simply a video introduction we can handle eh project for you or point you t the right place for your memorable moments to be forever captures on video.


Live Entertainment:
 C.H. Productions can host or co-host most any event you or your company wish to put on. We have a D.J. with full equipment, Karaoke hosts, Fireworks specialists, Theme and party planers, Spook house creation, Catering services, Presentation and LAN room equipment and hosting. We can even provide a Full Bar for your event or party. Contact our Host Planer for more information. The Captain


Dance and Trance



Haunted House

Country Music and Oldies

    C.H. Productions can bring live entertainers to your party or event. We have Country singers, Oldies and Classic Singers and even some more pop style cover bands and singers. For further info contact one of our reps to request your venue and or artistic talent.






Bounce Houses, Water Slides, Mechanical Rides, Equipment rental

Let C.H. Productions supply all your party needs. We have access to licensed hosts of equipment such as the Kiddy Bounce house, Inflatable Water Slides, Small Carnival Rids, Snow cone and Cotton candy machines and much more. Even your table and chair rental can be handled through C.H. Productions authorized providers.

Bounce Houses

Water Slides

Carnival Rides

Table and Chairs

The Captain - Entertainment Contractor
C.H. Productions, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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