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CH Productions Bumper Sticker

Stick one of these on your car and let the ass holes on the road today have a piece of your mind.

C.H. Productions Sample Bumper Sticker

   Don't you hate it when a Driver cuts you off, or is going slow in the fast lane? I know I do. I am an aggressive driver myself. With this little sticker on your car the other drivers will think they can get you in trouble but we have a surprise for them. When they call the number listed on this Bumper sticker they will get a recorded message telling them what an ass hole they are for trying to get you in trouble for just going about your day to day business in this horrific traffic we have here in the tri county area.

   We will have a recorded message linked to the phone number listed on the sticker, when some jerk call trying to get you in trouble they will get reamed out by our recording for being a jerk themselves.

Order your Bumper sticker now. $5.95 plus Shipping per sticker (10 or more call for price (954) 371-3739 Office  (954) 587-9581 Fax

    We will also change our recorded message periodically just to keep things fresh. With your sticker you can go out into this hostile asphalt jungle and know that your doing your part to get back ad road hogs, Slow pokes and the damn tourists that take over our roads but can't driver worth a shit.



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