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I want to thank you for showing an interest in my service. When I was working within the system at the credit bureau we would always be confronted by people that paid hundreds of dollars to have their bad credit erased. "Crime can take many forms."

Companies that provide this type of service we call them "PREDATOR" WHY ?. They say, don't worry," we'll take care of you". They'll take care of you, all right. One hand is extended in a friendly handshake... While the other slips the wallet from your back pocket. They tell you they know what's best for you. But when they slink away, you have nothing to show for it. Nothing but less money, less free time, less self-respect, and far less hope of even having a good credit. And to their surprise nothing was ever removed! The reason why is because no one, I repeat, no one can erase anything off your credit report that was correctly placed there! Out of fifteen years or working with credit I've never seen or heard of anyone that was ever able to do this!

I help people get around the problems they're having with their credit report by helping them create a new credit file in their same name, in the credit bureau's computer. I first discovered how to do this while operating the credit bureau's computer where I worked. I was looking for a way to help people from becoming a victim of the multi-million dollar credit help industry.

As I was saying, I help people create a new credit file in their same name. There will be two files on a person in the credit bureau's computer system. One will have a persons old credit history with the bad credit on it and the other will have only good credit on it. Ill show you how to make sure only the new credit file will show up when applying for credit. Best automatically created in ALL the Credit Bureaus almost simultaneously. To create a new credit file sounds complicated but it is very simple to do.

One person got his new file created and afterwards he went to Montgomery Ward's instant credit department and got a $600. T.V. on credit with no money down. Another, was trying to buy a home and was denied because of bad credit. Then she came to me and as a result she got that home she wanted! Another woman's home was being foreclosed on and her credit was very bad. She worked with me, let that house go and bought another one. When she moved out of the first home she moved right into the new house but she wouldn't have been able to do this without creating a credit check which she could not have done without our helping her create a new credit file.

People that had been denied loans, cars and other credit finally got these things within hours of working with me I will also tell you how to get FREE Credit reports from Credit Bureaus.

With good credit you get the lowest interest rates thus savings hundreds of thousands of dollars in a lifetime in interest than if you have bad credit. Not to mention the life of new cars, homes,and unlimited cash loans to buy Corporation, Business, Real State..

Why postpone success?

Credit is getting tighter and tighter by the day. "WE ALL KNOW THAT" More people and less available money along with Fortune 500 companies competing with individuals creates tighter credit guidelines. And bank closing mean fewer and fewer lending sources.

With natural disasters ravaging too often and lower interest rates,credit nowadays is a must. In the foreseeable future it is inevitable that unless one has years of AAA credit it might not be possible to get any kind of loans. This information is a MUST for everyone. EVEN for people who presently have good credit.

They can further their credit by adding years of AAA credit "overnight" and/or God forbid, should credit ever go bad, it can be dealt with quickly and aggressively thus ensuring success.


In order to get the ball rolling for you, please fill out my application and forward it back along with a check or money order for $25.00 as soon as possible.

You have nothing to lose accept a few minutes of your time with only good credit to gain.!

So act now! You'll be glad you did!

Also, I will tell you how to add TENS of years of good credit inyour new Credit File OVERNIGHT! It's that simple. 100% LEGAL.