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 The DEFENSE PROCUREMENT UNIVERSITY Industry: (DPUI), a non-accredited institution, is designed to assist businesses as well as government personnel in understanding the federal procurement system.  In order to facilitate its goal, DPUI has developed a curriculum of seminars, videos and books which covers all aspects of federal contracting.

 The proposed Federal Budget for the Department of Defense  for fiscal year 2002-2003 is estimated to be $5,577.8 billion, most of which is spent to acquire products, supplies, and services from the private sector.

 The U.S. Government is ready to do business on a competitive basis with competent businesses which can provide the supplies and services it needs.  Government purchasing agencies are anxious to contract with small and large companies, firms in labor surplus areas, and disadvantaged businesses.  The prospective contractor must help themselves by learning how the government conducts its business and by seeking out the various agencies which buy supplies and services for government's use.

 Selling to the government is very similar to selling within the private sector.  There are two basic principles that are especially appropriate in establishing and maintaining a working relationship with the government:

      1)   Learn your customer's needs as well as his buying policies and practices.

      2)   Follow leads on where buying is done, and search out selling opportunities in all segments of the U.S. Government.

 The Defense Procurement University is intended to provide businesses that have little or no experience in selling to the various government agencies with the necessary knowledge and basic guidelines for preparing proposals, analyzing contracts, and effective contract performance.

 If you wish to do business with the U.S. Government and don't know how to go about it, or if you have contractual problems, DPUI is overwhelmingly confident that its video courses and seminars will put you on the right track to share some of the billions of dollars available through government contracts by becoming a prime contractor or subcontractor.


Our Mission


If you want to do business with the Federal Government and don't know how to go about it, the following information will start you on the right path to sell your products or services to the Federal Government.

Company Profile

DPUI is a non-accredited institution, which will enable you to make your company's capabilities known to over three hundred (300) agencies - including the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Defense Logistics agencies. However, although vigorous full and free competition among suppliers has long been a contracting goal, it has made many producers become so frustrated with the myriad of regulations that they either limit their business with the government or leave the government market to those who are willing to accept these frustrations.

The government has thus become concerned with the shrinking base of suppliers, especially small businesses and small disadvantaged businesses, who are the backbone of the national industrial base.

It is a truism that contracting with the Federal Government is not a simple task. However, many of the frustrations stem from a lack of understanding of the rules by which the Federal Government has prescribed for contracts.

DPUI will assist in cutting through 100% of the 'RED TAPE" involved in doing business with the Federal Government and to make possible that formidable task. Here are the basic elements from the Defense Procurement University, Inc.'s VIDEO SEMINAR and IN-HOUSE SEMINARS.

Take an “INSIDER'S”' look in our course selection. It is the actual methods that the Federal Government and agencies use in choosing the winning proposal for products or services.

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