Front End service

Our Mechanics can bring your car back into alignment using special equipment we will be able to put your car on the straight and narrow. This will save you Money, Tires, and ware and tear on your vehicle.

Break Services

Stopping is very important to you and the safety of your family. Our service technicians can check your breaks and fix them up to the quality your car had once it came off of the assembly line. Lets face it here in Florida you rely on your breaks often and this service will guarantee your breaks will safely and securely bring your vehicle to a stop

Air Conditioning Services

Florida head got you down? Bring your car into our service center and we will get that Air Conditioning blowing out so much cold air you will feel like it is winter all year round. When that Florida heat starts building up your Air Conditioning is all that stands between you and a hot and sweaty seat.

Cooling System

Is your car running Hot even on a cool night? Your cooling System may not be unto this Florida heat. We can flush out that old coolant and get you engine running like it should.

Electrical Services

Today's cars are half computer half mechanical wit ha splash of comfort. Out technicians can diagnose your cars electrical system to find out if every thing is functioning properly. if your car seems to have electrical components that are not functioning properly we can diagnose and fix it for you.

General Repairs

We are a full service shop and can handle any problem your vehicle may be giving you. We do it all in our shop using skilled and professionally trained technicians. No problem is no complex nor is any problem you may have to minor. Bring yoru vehical into out shop and we will have it fixed up and send yo uon your way.