It is the Year of our Lord 2003. The Long Night has ended and a new dark age dawns. An age of yuppies and wan-a- bees where money and power go one in one. An age of powerful ancient horrors and terrifying new threats. It is an age of excitement and danger, in which any kindred can join the Camarilla for protection and organization. No longer is a Kindred's powered his existence but in these the modern nights kindred must attempt to coexists with mortals and society in general. Enter here to the New Word and a new City called New York. But be warned the lands your fathers and mothers spilled their blood upon no longer exist in the ways of old, this new modern society is corrupt in its on aspect but any kindred with a few friends and the wits to survive this modern city must tread lightly as there are many others just waiting for the chance to step over your corps and into the city with no concern accept self preservation and personal satisfaction.. Enter now "High Life". Click on the flaming head to enter the site.

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High Live Body count


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