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Last Updated: May 25, 2003

Welcome to another exciting role-playing game here in South Florida. This time we decided to spice it up a bit and go to one of the hotspots of Camarilla and Sabbat factions. We are now in The new world of America and the city is New York 2003. Here you will find all that you need to get you started in this game. The chronicle is called, "High Life", and the setting is the year 2003AD located in New York where the Camarilla control Manhattan and the Sabbat surround the Camarilla with control of The Bronx, Broken led and other surround communities. This area is mostly run by the Tremere, but is now being lead by a Toreador Prince that does not know her own city? Does anyone find this odd, that a Toreador does not know what is going on in his own city. We also seem to have many Anarchist and Independents running around this city as well.

What's New: Well with the MST walking out of the game one of our Narrators had to pick up the ball. Thanks to DJ we still have a game every Saturday night. We finished off the Dark Ages with a long hunt by a Bishop and a Magi who also used a group of blessed archers to hunt down and attempt to save the soles of the many cainites in the city. Most of the Kindred population was destroyed by the inquisition. The group known as the Anarchist were the only large group of survivors and not all of them made it through the long night. Several other kindred did manage to hide and survived but they have not found their way to the new world yet.

We started with a large group of kindred invited to the city to meet with the Prince. The Prince of New York assigned position to many in her city and at start it seemed this would become a Tremere ran city. Over the past few session several kindred have been destroyed but at present the Tremere and the Brujah seem to hold most of the power of the city. We do also gave several Giovanni's in the city with many influences of their own.

Come join us in New Your by Night and experience the Kindred of High Life.

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