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Heating and Cooling:

Your car must have a fully functioning cooling system to be reliable transportation.  On those cold winter mornings, a properly operating heating system is necessary for the cars passengers’ happiness and contentment.  In South Florida temperatures can regularly reach the mid to high 90s and then there are those occasional cold winter nights were it might drop below 50 degrees. With our semi tropical climate, heating and cooling are two very critical systems that no driver can afford to ignore.  Plantation Radiator specializes in cooling and heating systems; if you're not satisfied with your car's heating or cooling systems’ performance, bring your car into our shop and have our trained technicians diagnose the problem. We will give you a written estimate and attempt to work on it that same day in order to get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.


Radiators are the heart of your cooling system.  A radiator stores a quantity of water and antifreeze, anywhere from one to three gallons.  In turn your cooling system will use this water to circulate throughout the engine. This will keep all of the engine components performing at their best.  By removing excess heat from an engine; its performance can be remarkably improved.  It doesn't take long for a faulty radiator to cause many more problems with the car.  Problems can be as simple as a broken radiator hose or as complex as a cracked cylinder head or even a blown engine.  If you see your temperature gauge climbing towards the hot range on the gauge or if you have the hot engine light coming on in your dashboard, this could be a sign of a serious problem. Bring your car into our shop immediately and we will take a look at it before any major damages can occur.

Water Pumps

The water pump is a unit in your car that circulates the water out of the radiator throughout many engine components.  It is very important that your water pump be up to the task. The water temperature in your radiator can climb to well above 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The water pump must circulate water constantly when the engine is running to counter balance the rising temperature. Your car is always generating heat while operating and that heat has to be dissipated somehow. The water pump is necessary to circulate the water though the heart of the cooling system, the radiator. If you hear any kind of rattling coming from your engine when you accelerate or if your temperature gauge seems to climb, you could have a water pump problem.  You should bring your car into our shop immediately. Our technicians will evaluate the cooling system’s overall performance and diagnose whatever problems you may have.


Almost as important to a cooling system as the water pump are your fans.  Today's modern cars may have one, two, or even three electrically powered fans used to pull air through the radiator.  This cool air circulates around the radiator and in turn removes the heat that the radiator has removed from the engine and stored in the cooling system.  The cool air, in turn, releases the heat directly into the atmosphere.  If your fans are not functioning properly, or not at all, your system could run very hot.  This is why it is imperative to visit us to have our personnel check your fans functionality and make sure they are performing optimally.  Even if you drive an older vehicle with the standard mechanical fan, it is very important that the fan is capable of circulating enough air through the cooling system to remove all that excess heat.  We can diagnose and replace any fan whether it is a mechanical or an electrical one in our shop.  Just bring your car in to Plantation Radiator and we will take a look at it.

Heater Cores:

Heater cores, though not quite as important, perform a similar function to the radiator.  This is a smaller radiator unit placed somewhere within the dashboard of your vehicle.  This smaller radiator releases some of the heat from your cooling system into the passenger compartment.  This helps your defroster clear the morning fog from your windows as well as warming up the interior of your vehicle.  The heater core is what takes that morning chill off during winter driving, be it to work or a leisurely drive.  Sometimes these cores may spring small leaks and permit water to run onto your floor.  If your system is leaking water inside of the passenger compartment, it can be a very dangerous.  As the water leaks into the carpeting and under the dashboard the dampness can cause short circuits, electrical system malfunctions, and even possibly a fire.  The dampness will even cause your car to rust from the inside out in only a short period time. If nothing else, the water leaking inside the passenger compartment is going to cause mold and mildew to get into the carpeting, causing allergies and could possibly even get somebody sick. Your car will also have that damp towel smell every time you open the door.  Your heater core has other features that cause it to circulate the hot water from your engine into the air-conditioning system of your car.  If your air-conditioning is not keeping your car cool enough on those hot summer days, it could be that your heater core is staying open.  Our trained technicians can get into your dashboard, find and replace the heater core in an afternoon.  Just bring your car into our shop and we will inspect the entire air-conditioning system, including the heater core.

Air Conditioning:

The air conditioning system in your car is a vast and complex system.  In the hot Florida days, having a properly functioning air conditioning system is almost mandatory.  Sure you can roll down your windows, but that doesn't help much when the temperature is 95 degrees and the humidity is 95%.  If your air-conditioning is not blowing as cold as it should, or for that matter your air-conditioning isn't even blowing cold air, bring it into our shop and we shall give you a complete air-conditioning system inspection in order to find out what the problem may be.  Even if your cooling system seems to be cooling fine, you never know if problems are about to happen, so just bring it into our shop and we will inspect it for you.  We offer free air-conditioning inspections at our shop.  Just drive on by the shop to have one of our knowledgeable and skilled technicians review the major components of your air-conditioning system and verify if any work may be needed. 


Your air-conditioning compressor is the heart of a cold air-conditioning system.  Just like the heart in a human body, the air-conditioning compressor pumps fluids throughout your air-conditioning system to help cool off that hot interior.  With time, compressors do get old and require maintenance.  If you turn on your air-conditioning and hear a strange sound coming from under the hood, this could indicate that your air-conditioning compressor is possibly about to fail.  Bring your vehicle into our shop and we can examine your compressor for you and verify that your air-conditioning systems’ heart is pumping soundly.


This is an important part of the air and heating system, unfortunately this seems to be the first thing that gets damage on the Florida streets.  While driving down the road, cars in front of you make kick pebbles up from the ground, and those small pebbles will smash into the front of your car.  As those small pebbles pound the front of your car, your evaporator takes a beating.  Sometimes just one small pebble might fall off of the truck or car from in front of you and could cause minute holes in your air-conditioning evaporator.  This in turn could release all the freon into the atmosphere.  Once all your freon leaks out, the air-conditioning system can no longer handle the interior heat anymore.  If your system is not blowing as cold as it should, or your system is not even getting cold, or not running at all bring it into our shop as it is very likely you have a damaged evaporator.  We can remove the old unit and replace it with a new heavy-duty unit designed to handle the tremendous amounts of heat generated on hot Florida days.


The Evaporator is the main unit inside your dash board that your blower motor circulates air from inside the passenger area and through the evaporator. This unit is usually only damaged by a bad heater core left unattended. Our personnel can inspect your Evaporator for possible leaks or damage that may infringe upon the device cooling the air inside your passenger compartment to its fullest potential.


Your air-conditioning Recycler is like a huge filter in your air-conditioning system.  It takes damaging particles that may flow through your air-conditioning system and removes them from the precious freon that is circulating throughout that system.  As air-conditioning systems begin to wear, Recycler begin to get pretty clogged up.  Bring your vehicle into our shop and we will check the Recycler in your air-conditioning system and make sure that the device is still filtering out any damaging materials that may have found their way into the air-conditioning system.


The blower motor in your air-conditioning system is just the same as the blower motor in your home cooling air-conditioning system.  Sometimes these blowers become dirty and then start to wear out.  If your air-conditioning system seems not to be blowing as much air as it used to, bring it into our shop and we will take a look at the blower in your car.  It could be as simple as cleaning the fan blades or could be as complicated as having to put a new blower motor in your vehicle.  Whatever the cause our technicians are fully capable of getting that unit up and running so your drive to and from the office will be the most comfortable drive you can remember in a long time.

CFC  Free:

CFCs are used in older air-conditioning systems. R-12 was the standard for many years but today we use R-139a instead. R-12 is a chemical combination of gases that have been found to be very damaging to our ozone layer.  If you're driving an older vehicle, and even on some new vehicles, your cooling system might just have R-12 in it.  Bring in your vehicle into our shop and we can convert your system over to the new R-139a CFCs components that have been found to be completely environmentally safe.  These systems seem to perform better than the old fashioned R-12 CFCs by transferring heat much better then the older models.  Converting to the new R-139a is a simple changeover and we usually can have you back on the road within hours.  Once we convert you over to the clean environmentally safe R-139a freon that is used today you'll know you've done your part to help restore our planet back to its natural state, as well as having your system perform properly.

Other Services:

We at Plantation Radiator offer full services on a number of general automobiles repairs. We have skilled and knowledgeable technicians that will do most repairs to your vehicle be it American made, Import, S.U.V., or medium Duty trucks. Just stop by our shop for any problems you may have no matter how small or major they may seem, we are fully capable or repairing, Services, and even upgrading your vehicle and have you back on the road the same day in most cases.


Brakes are one of the most important parts of your vehicle from a safety point of view.  Our personnel know how to take that old braking system in your car and bring it up to modern standards in order to improve the safety of your vehicle. A through check and repair of problems in your braking system will insure that your vehicle is one of the safest to drive on the road today.  If you hear any form of squeaking, clanking or notice that when you applying the brake pedal your car pulls to one side or the other, you need to get in for an immediate brake inspections.  When you are braking, if its feel like you're brake pedal is going further and further down to the floor, this is another sign that your brakes are in need of attention. Most manufacturers recommend changing your brakes every 20,000 miles or once a year.  If you've been driving a vehicle for more than a year, it’s probably in need of a brake job.  Bring your vehicle into our shop and we will replace those older brake pads with new and reliable devices that will bring your car to a complete stop faster than you can say, “look out”.


 Your suspension system takes a real beating on the congested Florida roadways.  Every time you hit a pothole, or pull your vehicle too far into a parking spot you could be damaging your suspension system.  Bring your car into our shop and we will take a look at your shocks, struts, and everything else to do with the suspension system to make sure your vehicle’s ride is a smooth one. 


 Today's vehicles are 70% computer, 30% automobile.  Our staff is trained in diagnosing any number of electrical problems that cars may experience.  Our personnel are fully knowledgeable about electrical components from power windows, to power locks, cruise control, sensors, electronics, stereos, lights, turn signals, courtesy lights, in addition to any others potential electrical problems. If you are having a difficulty with any of these, our technicians have probably seen it.  If for any reason you believe your electrical system may have a problem, bring your car into our shop and we will check the wiring out thoroughly for you. If we find anything awry  with the electrical system, we will be able to fix it for you and have your car back on the road quickly.


 The tires on your vehicle are the only things keeping you on the road.  Tire wear on Florida streets can be harsh.  If your vehicle seems to wear tires out faster than they should, then there could be something wrong with a number of parts on your vehicle leading to the necessity of replacing tire too frequently.  Even if your tires seem to be fine, we will be glad to take a look at them and verify that they have the recommended amount of tread and proper tread wear.  If for any reason we find a problem with your tires, we have a wide selection of new tires ready to be installed on your vehicle. Our shop can install those new tires on your vehicle and have you back on the road in no time.  

General repairs:

 If your starter is not starting or your battery seems to be dying or even if your car is making sounds that it shouldn't, bringing it into our shop and we will take the look at it for you.  If anything about your car just doesn't feel right bring it in to our shop and we can give your vehicle a thorough inspection.  Our mechanics are fully trained in a number of automotive repairs.  We'll be happy to find out what's wrong with your vehicle, repair the problem and get you back on the road as soon as possible.


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