Band Obligation 04/05
Uniform Responsibility Form

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Band Membership $250.00

Membership fees of $250.00 are due the first day of band camp ( Aug. 10, 2004).
If a payment plan is necessary, the initial payment of $100.00 will be due on Aug. 10, 2004. Another $100. 00 will be due on or before Sept. 20, 2004. The final payment of $50.00 must be paid by Oct. 25, 2004.

Parental Obligation

Volunteer to Chaperone a minimum of (1) event and to support all fund raising activities.

Uniform Policy

1. All uniforms are the property of South Plantation High School and shall not be taken from the school without proper consent from the director.

2. No uniform will be issued for use by any student without the initial payment of $100.00 for the 2004/2005 Band Membership. This membership includes uniform maintenance and cleanings.

3. It is the student’s obligation to take responsible care of the uniform whenever it is in their possession. Failure to do so will result in a school obligation for the replacement cost of the piece(s) damaged.

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