The purpose of this handbook is for you to become familiar with the procedures and expectations of each band student. This will help instill pride and an understanding of the tradition of the South Plantation Paladin Band. Please read each section of this handbook carefully.

Band spirit cannot be explained in words. It is a quality not only recognizable in, but necessary for an outstanding band program. Band spirit puts snap and precision into music and maneuvers, puts fun and fellowship into parades, rehearsals and performances, and makes one want to do his best for the band. To express your band spirit, your band shirt must be worn by everyone on game days, pep rallies, and any other specified activities.

Concert Band/Symphonic Band: This course is offered to any student, regardless of grade level. After school rehearsal and performance time is required. These performing groups concentrate on literature and instrumental skills development. Director approval only.
Jazz Band: Designed for the study of jazz/rock literature and techniques. After school rehearsal and performance time is required. Director approval only.
Paladin Marching Band: The members of the Symphonic Band and Concert Band comprise the musical part of the Paladin Marching Band. The marching band participates at football games, parades, and various marching contests. Most of the preparation for marching season occurs in the Marching Band Camp which is held at SPHS prior to the beginning of the new school year. Then, rehearsals are held twice a week after school or at night until the conclusion of the marching season.
Color Guard/Winter Guard: Membership in this organization is by audition (held in the spring each year) and is open to all students at South Plantation. Although prior experience is recommended, it is not mandatory in order to audition. The Color Guard is an integral part of the “Paladin Marching Band” and performs throughout the year. After the fall season ends, the Winter Guard develops an indoor routine to perform at FBA Festival and Winter Guard competitions. Extensive afternoon and /or evening rehearsals are required. As with all wind and percussion players, there are financial obligations to be a member. In addition to the $250.00 required by all band members, Winter Guard members will be required to pay an additional $250.00 prior to Winter Guard season. Attendance is required and part of the student’s grade for all band activities! Absences due to conflicts with work schedules or participation in other activities will not be excused.
Band I, II, III, IV, V, VI: Band I-VI, provides large group instruction and performance experiences in wind and percussion instruments. Major emphasis of study will focus on continuing skill development, conceptual understanding, and aesthetic appreciation needed to perform selected band literature. Activities will include marching, concerts, festival, evaluations, etc.
Grades: Band grades are difficult to give because of the highly subjective nature of musical playing. Therefore, a number of factors are used in determining a student’s nine week grade. Some factors are earned merits, effort, attitude, use of natural talent, improvement, musicianship, and music memorization. There will be two types of grades given. One is an observation grade. This will be based on classroom performance and will be given weekly. There is also a performance grade. The exact grade earned will be at the discretion of the director. Students should have all 12 major scales and their chromatic scale memorized.

III. Band Council and Officers

Band Captain - The Band Captain will be elected by the Band Director. This individual has direct control over the band in all matters pertaining to rehearsal and performance as well as discipline. The Band Captain assists the Drum Major in the inspection of the band, which is to be held prior to all public appearances. The Band Captain’s authority goes as far as to set the rules, with the Band Director, that are stated in this handbook. Section Leaders will have scheduled meetings with the Band Captain. The Band Captain will be given the task of warming up the band before rehearsals when the Band Director is detained for any reason.
Drum Major(s) - The Drum Major(s) will be chosen by an audition based upon talent, ability of music, faculty recommendations of leadership ability, positive attitude, and proven dependability and efficiency. The Drum Major(s) serves as the conductor and general leader of the band at all outdoor appearances, and as such, has full responsibility over the band for all necessary actions on the field.
The Drum Major(s) shall inspect the band prior to all public performances. Attendance at Drum Major Camp (specified by Director) is required.
Band Historian: The historian is appointed by the Band Director to keep records of the activities of the band in both writing and pictures. The band scrapbook is the responsibility of the historian.
Librarian: The head librarian is appointed by the Band director and is responsible for the filing and distribution of all music materials maintained in the music library. This officer may choose assistants to aid in the proper organization of all music materials.
Equipment Manager: This person shall be appointed by the Band Director to be responsible for any and all equipment belonging to the band department. He/she shall maintain an inventory of instruments and equipment and supervise the check-out of those instruments. The manager shall organize work parties to set up for concerts, parades, and competitions. These work parties shall also help the band parents with the equipment truck.
Section Leaders: He/she will be selected by the band director on the basis of music ability and leadership. This person will be responsible for scheduling rehearsals of the section on a regular basis during marching and concert season. This person must set a positive example for his/her section. Demotion of position is possible if leadership qualities are not demonstrated.

Band Camp.
Prior to the start of school, the Marching Paladins have a band camp. This camp is an intensive training session that covers marching fundamentals, music to be performed at all football games, and the half-time show for the year. Attendance is mandatory if one expects to participate in the Marching Paladins. Any conflicts must be cleared with the director ahead of time with a conference.

Band Courtesy and Rules at Football Games.
1. Before all football games there will be a complete inspection of the full band.
2. The band will sit together in their assigned section of the bleachers during the game.
3. Only band members in uniform and chaperones will be allowed in the band section.
4. Be in proper uniform at all times unless otherwise instructed. Do not misrepresent or dishonor the band while in uniform.
5. Do not play your instrument until instructed to do so. Do not talk or play during an injury time-out on the field.
6. Band members should conduct themselves in a manner which reflects positively upon the school and the community. In uniform, band members can easily be identified.
7. In-stand drills, cheers (vocal or instrumental) shall not be done without the approval of the Director or Drum Major.
8. Chaperones are very important to the band and are with them to help out. Please be respectful and do as you are told.
9. No food or drinks are allowed in the stands. Band parents will provide water as needed.
10. All students are to be accompanied to the restrooms by chaperones.

Sectionals. During marching and concert season, sectionals will be held on a regular basis at the discretion of the section leader, band captain, drum major, or director. Each section is important to the over all performance of the band music. Section leaders should strive to reward those who are well prepared and exhibit a positive attitude. Section leaders are expected to keep records of attendance and performance at sectionals. Standard attendance policy is in effect for sectional practices.
Marching Rehearsals. Marching rehearsals will be held twice a week from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. during the marching season. Alternate times will be scheduled as needed and rehearsal time will be shortened when warranted. Failure to attend more than one rehearsal will result in nonperformance during Friday night half-time. However, Friday attendance in still mandatory. Consistent unexcused absenteeism from rehearsals will result in removal from the marching band. Each band member must be prepared to honor their commitments to the band for the good of the show.

Uniforms. Each Marching Paladin will be issued a complete uniform. These uniforms are expensive and are to be treated with care. Students will furnish their own black socks, black marching shoes, and black gloves. All fees regarding the uniform must be met before a uniform will be issued. Uniforms are to be checked into the uniform room after every event. Any damage or loss will result in an assessment according to the approximate replacement cost of the uniform or part of the uniform and must be paid before another is issued. Members of the Uniform Team are the Only students allowed in the uniform room! Absolutely NO EATING while in uniform. Water will be the liquid of choice.

Music. All music shall be issued by the librarian. No one will be allowed in the library except the Librarian or Band Council members without the approval of the Director. When folders are turned in, they must contain all music issued or an obligation card will be issued for the missing music.

Rehearsals and Performances:
1. There will be no improper playing before rehearsals. The Director , Drum Major(s), or Band Captain will warm up the band.
2. Members of band classes must be in their seats and ready to play within 2 minutes of the tardy bell.
3. At extra rehearsals, students must be ready to play at the designated time. Students should arrive early to allow sufficient time to prepare for rehearsal. Early is on time, on time is late!!
4. When the conductor steps up to the podium, all conversation will cease or there will be consequences.
5. Instruments should be kept in good playing condition especially school owned instruments.
6. A pencil, all music, and necessary equipment such as mutes or extra reeds are considered mandatory equipment for all rehearsals.
7. The Director must be notified in writing one week ahead of time regarding any pre-excused absence from any rehearsals. Consistent absenteeism will seriously affect your grade.
8. All performances of any band are mandatory and may be missed only in the event of a student’s illness, or serious family emergency. An absence can only be excused by notifying the Director in writing. Otherwise, all normal procedures for rehearsals also hold for performances.
9. Students are expected to attend school on the day of a performance, or in the case of a Saturday performance, on the Friday prior to the performance. Failure to do so will result in not being allowed to participate. (School Board Policy)

School Owned Instruments. If you have been issued a school owned instrument, you are responsible for the instrument and its care. Repairs will be the responsibility of the student. A normal amount of wear and tear is expected, but damage resulting from carelessness or lack of proper upkeep, will be charged to the student and may result in the loss of the privilege to use school equipment. This is stated in the rental contract issued by the School Board of Broward County. The rental fee is $20.00 during the school year. An obligation card will be issued with the contract. The card will be given to the office if the rental contract isn’t returned with the money.

Absences. Excused absences are: sickness, death in the family, or emergency doctor’s appointment. Any schedule conflicts or other problems must be cleared in advance by written notification from the parent or guardian of the student to the Director. Unexcused absences are: jobs, test make-ups, or detentions. Band captain will take attendance at rehearsals. You will be unexcused if you forget, skip, or schedule a doctor’s appointment at the time of a band rehearsal. Do not plan trips when your first commitment is to the band. Discuss any and all conflicts with the Director.

The Band Room. It is everyone’s obligation to keep the band room neat and clean. Do not litter, vandalize, or engage in rough physical play which may damage walls or equipment. Do not bring food or gum into the band room. Do not leave money or valuables unsecured. Respect all equipment. Only percussionists are to use the percussion equipment. Do not use other people’s instruments without their permission. Do not touch anything that belongs to someone else without their permission. Respect your fellow band members. Profanity is unacceptable language. If you have problems with any other band member, speak to them privately and quietly about it. Do not gossip or humiliate other band members. Band members need to work together as a team, and frequently they need to live together as a family. Be cooperative, helpful, and kind so that everyone can have a good year.

No band program can succeed or progress without the support and involvement of the parents of each student. Parents can show their support by attending performances and the monthly meetings of the Band Parents’ Association. Parents can get involved by serving as chaperones and supporting fund raisers.
The Marching Paladins need 1 parent for every 10 students per game or competition. Chaperones assist in the stand, help transport equipment, hat boxes, and water coolers. Chaperones apply first aid and bring medical release forms to each function. Chaperones monitor student behavior and seek to prevent problems.
During the year, there are other fund raising projects, as decided by the Band Parents’ Association. Parent volunteers are essential to the success of those projects. With the involvement and cooperation of many parents, no one will be burdened with too much work. Working with the band parents is a enjoyable way to meet the friends of your child and spend time with the people who share your interest in musical performances.
The South Plantation Band Parents’ Association have regularly scheduled meetings and are committed to the benefit of each individual member of the band and the band program.

Statement of Acknowledgment

Students and parents work together with the Director in order to achieve success. It is essential for all involved in the program to understand what is expected of them. This handbook has been prepared so that everyone understands the procedures, rules, and guidelines. The music program and South Plantation High School enjoy a good reputation and it provides an excellent opportunity for each individual student to develop their full potential, both musically and socially.

After you have read through this handbook, please sign and date this page. This Statement of Acknowledgment means that you have received and read this handbook, not necessarily that you agree or disagree with it.

As always, please feel free to call the band room with any questions or concerns.

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