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Well this is a little web site I decided to build to help promote The Sims Online Multi player game.

    I have been playing  TSO for well over a year now and it has offered me hours of fun, entertainment, and Joy but also has been a real hassle just getting started or trying to get my house in the top 10 for the city. I run 18 Sims in 7 cities and I have meet a lot of nice and interesting people in the game too but I have also ran across A LOT OF BASKET CASES (We won't mention any names here).

    The first few times I played TSO it was really discouraging as they give you a limited abound of starting cash and it is very hard to buy a house, build it and have anything useful in the house to draw other guests to your home. The simple idea behind the game is that you build a house, You put that house in a Category such as money, Skill, entertainment, Romance, Casino, Store Residency, etc. Then you open your house to otehr Sims in the game. All in all TSO is a glorified Chat room, Even the house you build is limited to 18 guests just like many chat rooms.

    Well you start with $0.00 in Sim Money, you buy a lot for $9000.00 up,  then have to build and furnish the house. Sounds easy doesn't it? Well it's not. Pricing in the game is very High on most items and ridiculously high on many items. Just as an example a pet Cat is like 8,000 (not counting a bowl, litter pan, and toys) A nice dress is like $9,000.00 too. So how does a self respecting Sim make it in the big city?  Lots of mooching and rooming with others. Well I have found many ways to make money in the game and there are jobs and houses you can go to to make earn money at but the most your going to see is maybe $200.00 Simoleans (if your lucky) in an 8 to 10 hour day.

    That is where this site came to mind.  I learned there were other ways to make money in the game and ways to get large sums of money too but most all of them will get you in trouble with Maxis and Electronic arts or cost you real money. Any of which are time consuming and Maxis makes it difficult on you as well. Certain large money making items will charge you a Penalty if you earn money to fast. In my opinion this is not fair and a rip off. You have to pay $10.00 a month Real money just to play in the game and the game it's self can cost you up to $40.00 to purchase (If you can even find it now a days) Then to make things more difficult maxis has this little feature called Skills and Skill Degrade.

    Now if it is a glorified Chat room you want to be able to chat don't you? Well they have jobs that pay more money depending on your Sim's Skills. These Skills build up very slowly to the point that you will spend 8 - 10 hours skilling just to get 1 of your 6 Skills to max levels. That skill will drop no matter what you do. Maxis is so generous they give you a way to Lock in 10 Skill points when you start and 1 extra about every month old your sim is. So this time consuming routine must be repeated Over and over and over again to keep your skills high so you can make more money so you can buy more stuff so you can have more sim friends come to your house to hang out.

    Anyway this is not a lets slam maxis website but come on this is just silly. Well no problem on my Web site I offer Your sim ways to earl large sums of Money in the game or for those who just want to play (Like me when I started) You can just buy your Simoleans right here on my web site too. I will sell you simoleans I have earned or bought at a discounted rate for your gaming pleasure. Or you can just go out and earn your Simoleans like I had to in the beginning and still do most every day for 4 - 6 hours a day.


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My real name we will leave out for now as Maxis will not like this page. But you can call me The Captain. ;) I have been a Sim player since the first Sim City came out in like 1986 I started with sim city, played Sim park, Sim Town, Theme park, Sim tower, Simcity 2000, Sim City 3000, The Sims with the first 4 Expansion packs (at $30.00 - $40.00 per expansion) and I finally broke down and bough The Sims Online in mid 2003. Personally I prefer Role Playing games but TSO was fun and you do get to meet people all over the world :)


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